Emerging Architect Prize - Michael Gay


Massive congratulations to MG on winning the Australian Institute of Architects Emerging Architect Prize for Western Australia. He will be using his new found fame to promote equity and mental health in the profession. He now goes into the running for the national prize and will be flying out to the Gold Coast next year to attend the institute conference. Thanks also to the Association of Consulting Architects for the write up and publishing the citation.

Irwin in Mezzanine

Irwin was recently published in Mezzanine Magazine. Thanks to John Madden Photography for the camera work. Also in the same issue was a feature on MeetBrief which MSG Architecture is part of... SG pictured amongst fine complany


Irwin is a white box plugged in to an existing East Fremantle home. The aim was to separate a breakout area and master bedroom to to allow more room for kids and living in the existing house. Simple materials, strategic windows and a transition space between old and new make this little add on perform well beyond its modest footprint.

Erpingham House featured by Breezeway

Erpingham House gets a write up in the Habitusliving blog

Erpingham House labeled as pet friendly. ;) Ouzo featuring on Inside Out magazine's blog

The Naval Stores gaining momentum as part of the Cantonment Hill project. Enkel named as the lease holders. 

Erpingham House gets a mention in the local rag.
NB: This link doesn't work at the moment.... seems The West have updated their website and not yet updated all the old articles from last year.

Erpingham House recently featured in Designboom magazine:

the outer and inner space both work in union reflecting an honest, straightforward vision through compact features and easy living conditions. the project expresses a conscientious practicality, creating a blank canvas in which the modern family can make their own.
— designboom magazine

Erpingham House feature by Australian Design Review: