Commercial / Community alterations and additions (heritage)

[in progress]


Enkel asked us to help them with their ideas for their new home in Fremantle. If you don't know the Naval Stores.. it's the building at the end of the old Stirling Hwy bridge... with the octopus on it.

The building sits in a significant indigenous cultural site at the bottom of the Cantonment Hill project area and will be the centre point of new landscaping and remedial works being carried out by Ecoscape 

The existing warehouse is going to house a restaurant, public space, amenities, co-working spaces, teaching spaces and a climbing gym. These functions, hang, weave and nuzzle against the existing heritage fabric of the building. 


Cantonment Hill project and Naval Stores project gets a boost from Lotteryswest. Good news for Enkel to be named as the lease holders. Hopefully momentum continues so that we can start work.