New house (MSG development)


Erpingham is an MSG Architecture development project in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia (10mins South of Fremantle)

2 storey, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & Studio on 290m2 battle-axe block

We set out to create a home that would suit a range of living scenario's within range of most people's budgets. We want to demonstrate what can be achieved with humble materials, bold moves and good design.  

the outer and inner space both work in union reflecting an honest, straightforward vision through compact features and easy living conditions. the project expresses a conscientious practicality, creating a blank canvas in which the modern family can make their own.
— designboom magazine
Passive design gets more exciting by the day. This prototypical home is lightweight, affordable and easily replicated to suit a variety of climates and needs. MSG Architecture designed the project as an environmentally and economically superior alternative to traditional homes in Australia.
— inhabitat